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A little introduction

My name is Linkandzelda, and this is my Official Website. On here you will be able to find everything that I do with my online life as the name Linkandzelda. All the projects and websites I work on are listed here with information about them.

My main skills are Rom Hacking, Game Development and Web Development. I like to branch into music creation as well especially covers of Video Game music.

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Main Projects

Pokémon: Liquid Crystal

Pokémon: Liquid Crystal is a ROM Hack developed for the GameBoy Advanced system using FireRed as the base. It’s a complete remake of the Original Pokémon Crystal game from the GameBoy Color.

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Rat Hosting Solutions

Rat Hosting is what powers all of my web based projects (as well as the famous Whack a Hack) for the last couple of years. Sign up today and get high quality affordable Shared, Reseller or Windows Web Hosting from Rat hosting!

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Other Projects

Pokémon: Platinum Origins

Pokémon: Platinum Origins is an upcoming ROM Hack which is a Demake of Pokémon: Platinum from the Nintendo DS created on the GameBoy Advance, serving as a counter-part to Pokémon: Liquid Crystal.

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Pokémon: Emerald Dreams

Pokémon: Emerald Dreams is a ROM Hack for the GameBoy Advance; a complete redesign of Pokémon: Emerald adding a large amount of new content, serving as the official prequel for Liquid Crystal.

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Pokémon: Yellow Advance

Pokémon: Yellow Advance is a Pokémon Yellow remake for the GameBoy Advance system. It's aimed to be a "pure" remake in the sense that it will deliver a mostly vanilla Yellow experience for the GBA.

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Pokémon: Metallic Fusion

Pokémon: Metallic Fusion is an upcoming ROM Hack for the GBA. Unlike my other ROM Hacks, this is based completely on my own characters, region and events. It will feature a large amount of new concepts never before seen in a Pokémon game.

Pokémon Hackers Online

Visit Pokémon Hackers Online, the next best thing in Pokémon ROM Hacking covering all Pokémon video games with research, guides and tutorials to help you become a better hacker.

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Evercrest Studios

Evercrest Studios is my App and Game Development project, aiming to create modern, fluid and attractive Apps and Games for platforms such as Android and maybe iOS. Visit the site for more information on products.

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Testimonial Generator

Testimonial Generator is a fun tool to create testimonials for any product or service.
"I'd be lost without The very best. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!"

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Rainy Jazz

A combination of sounds brining a beautiful and relaxing experience.

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